Little Elfie One by Pamela JaneLittle Elfie One
Sequel to Little Goblins Ten
Written by Pamela Jane
Illustrated by Jane Manning
HarperCollins Children’s Books
978-0-06-220673-2 hardcover
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Way up in the North
Where the reindeer run
A Big mommy elf
Called her little elfie one.

“Santa comes tomorrow!”
“Hooray!” cried the one.
And he leaped and he laughed
Where the reindeer run.

From carolers to snowmen to stars, everyone’s favorite Christmas characters sing, shiver, and shine their way through the North Pole in this festive holiday twist on the beloved nursery rhyme, “Over in the Meadow.” Author Pamela Jane and New York Times bestselling illustrator Jane Manning have created a delightful new Christmas classic for readers young and old.

“The classic children’s song “Over in the Meadow” moves to the North Pole in this Christmas-themed interpretation…Soft-focus watercolor illustrations use glowing light and mysterious shadows to create a suspenseful mood with a magical radiance. Manning’s illustrations are simply irresistible, with appealing characters and strong compositions on each spread…this special story will be read or sung over in the library, over in the classroom, and over in the family room, next to the Christmas tree.”—Kirkus Reviews

“The creators of Little Goblins Ten jump from Halloween to Christmas in this polar riff on “Over in the Meadow.” Counting up from an elf’s single son to a cat’s 10 kittens, Jane’s catchy, alliterative verse introduces an array of parents and offspring, with some amusing monikers for the little ones. A gingerbread man and his “little gingies three” jump down from a Christmas tree where they have been hung as ornaments, and a mother polar bear dives into icy water with her “little polies five.” Santa’s eight elves and nine reindeer bring the tale to a cheery close on Christmas Eve. Manning’s dappled watercolors treat readers to comically exaggerated images-there’s almost a hint of mischief lurking in the narrowed eyes of her characters, be they human, elf, or animal-and deliver ample Christmas spirit.”—Publishers Weekly

In recent years, many picture books have used the structure, rhythm, and cadence of the old counting rhyme beginning “Over in the meadow,” but few writers have come up with a version that works as well as this cheerful text, or one that ties up so well in the end. Capturing the upbeat tone of Jane’s verse, Manning’s lovely watercolor illustrations are brimming with warmth, spontaneity, and joy. A magical visit to Santa’s home base on Christmas Eve.”—Booklist

I’m Not Panicking – This is Just My Writing Process!

Little Elfie One by Pamela Jane

Years ago I took a weekend seminar with renowned screenwriting teacher, Bob McKee.  The large auditorium was packed.  Screenwriters, novelists, children’s authors, and editors of all genres had come to hear McKee talk about the art of writing and storytelling.  I could hardly wait for the seminar to start. McKee walked out on stage and stood for a moment, looking out at the audience.  Everyone was silent, waiting for him to begin. “Writing,” he said finally, his intense gaze scanning the audience, “is not about the words.” Yes! I thought, someone finally said it!  I had always felt that words were merely messengers of a deeper truth concealed behind or beneath them. Writing, McKee went on to say, is about characters, meaning, and emotional impact.  Recently I rediscovered the truth of McKee’s statement when I sat down to write Little Elfie One, a Christmas sequel to my rhyming Halloween book Little Goblins Ten, which had been published the year before.  … Read on

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