I’m Not Panicking – This is Just My Writing Process!

Little Elfie One by Pamela Jane

Years ago I took a weekend seminar with renowned screenwriting teacher, Bob McKee.  The large auditorium was packed.  Screenwriters, novelists, children’s authors, and editors of all genres had come to hear McKee talk about the art of writing and storytelling.  I could hardly wait for the seminar to start. McKee walked out on stage and stood for a moment, looking out at the audience.  Everyone was silent, waiting for him to begin. “Writing,” he said finally, his intense gaze scanning the audience, “is not about the words.” Yes! I thought, someone finally said it!  I had always felt that words were merely messengers of a deeper truth concealed behind or beneath them. Writing, McKee went on to say, is about characters, meaning, and emotional impact.  Recently I rediscovered the truth of McKee’s statement when I sat down to write Little Elfie One, a Christmas sequel to my rhyming Halloween book Little Goblins Ten, which had been published the year before.  … Read on

No Holiday Kitties Until 2015!

Little Goblins Ten, co-author Pamela Jane’s Halloween book for children, has been receiving rave reviews  but there are no kitties in this spooky retelling of the classic rhyme Over in the Meadow.  But, kitty-lovers take heart!  The Christmas sequel, Little Elfie One will be out from Harper in 2015 – and there will be kitties in it – ten to be exact!  Like Goblins,  Elfie will be illustrated by NY Times best-selling illustrator, Jane Manning.  In the meantime, enjoy Goblins!                                                   Reviews “Numerous titles interpreting “Over in the Meadow” have been published, but trust the team of Jane and Manning to conjure up an impressive new vision in time for Halloween…Even though this is essentially a counting rhyme, the author elevates the reading and listening experience with interactive rhyming text that is rich with alliteration and strong action words: The monster … Read on