Dear Pamela

March 2016

Pamela gives tips about the use of tense in memoir, and addresses whether or not to self-publish your memoir.

January 2016

Advice about chronology and pseudonyms in memoirs

September 2016
Pamela shares tips about writing a great memoir synopsis.

August 2016
Help! I feel hopeless about writing a memoir book proposal!

July 2016
How do I describe my mother in my memoir?
Help with multiple points of view in memoir.

June 2016
A color-coded guide to constructing a novel or memoir narrative.
How do I know what my story is really about?

May 2016
Is it vital to have a support group?
How do I manage critiques in our memoir writing group?

April 2016
Worries that offering memoir class will bring up too many strong emotions.
Hung up on what to leave in and what to leave out of my memoir.