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Right On, Winky Blue!

spacer Right On, Winky Blue!!

Illustrated by Debbie Tilley
Mondo Publishing, 1-57255-623-4, paperback
Ages 6-10

Rosie's hopes for Winky's fame soar when she enters her bird in a talk radio contest at the top of the Empire State Building.

But when her beloved bird is disqualified and her best friend's pet gerbil get stranded on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, it looks as though Rosie's hopes-and Cinnamon-are in for a big fall!

Right On, Winky Blue!

Also available in Spanish.

The Story Behind the Story

When I visit schools, kid ask where I got the idea for my "Winky Blue" books. The truth is, I always wanted a baby brother or sister. In my mind, a baby would add a cozy link to what in my mind was our less-than-ideal family. When no baby came, I decided a pet was the next best thing.

My new parakeet, Winky Blue, was the first pet that was solely and deliciously my own. Like a typical stage mom; I had huge ambitions for him. I wanted him to be a hero and catch crooks and save people from drowning. He would have his own TV show, like the famous collie, Lassie. I never dreamed that I would one day write a series about Winky and his little girl, Rosie, in which I described just how I felt about my beloved bird:

Right On, Winky Blue!

"Rosie felt proud and happy to be in charge of Winky's life, and his future. She got up three times during the night just to make sure he was all right. Each time Winky was sleeping soundly under his birdcage cover. Finally, Rosie fell asleep and dreamed of a magical land with a brightly-covered Ferris wheel and a shining lake. And in the middle of all this was a treasure, something warm and real and alive. Winky Blue."

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